1. Frontiers
    CSSQ: a ChIP-seq signal quantifier pipeline
    Ashwath Kumar, Michael Y. Hu, Yajun Mei, and 1 more author
    Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 2023


  1. NeurIPS
    Using Natural Language and Program Abstractions to Instill Human Inductive Biases in Machines
    Sreejan Kumar, Carlos G. Correa, Ishita Dasgupta, and 7 more authors
    NeurIPS, 2022
  2. ACL Workshop
    Using Natural Language to Guide Meta-Learning Agents towards Human-like Inductive Biases
    Sreejan Kumar, Ishita Dasgupta, Michael Hu, and 6 more authors
    In ACL Workshop on Learning with Natural Language Supervision, 2022
  3. Nucleic Acids
    rRNA expansion segment 7 in eukaryotes: from Signature Fold to tentacles
    Marcin Biesiada, Michael Y. Hu, Loren Dean Williams, and 2 more authors
    Nucleic Acids Research, Oct 2022


  1. NeurIPS
    Safe Reinforcement Learning with Natural Language Constraints
    Tsung-Yen Yang, Michael Hu, Yinlam Chow, and 2 more authors
    NeurIPS (spotlight), Oct 2021


  1. J Mol Bio
    G-Quadruplexes in Human Ribosomal RNA
    Santi Mestre-Fos, Petar I. Penev, Suttipong Suttapitugsakul, and 6 more authors
    Journal of Molecular Biology, Oct 2019
  2. Cell Reports
    Ultra-High-Frequency Reprogramming of Individual Long-Term Hematopoietic Stem Cells Yields Low Somatic Variant Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
    Kai Wang, Anthony K. Guzman, Zi Yan, and 10 more authors
    Cell Reports, Oct 2019


  1. Biochemistry
    Eukaryotic Ribosomal Expansion Segments as Antimicrobial Targets
    Lizzette M. Gómez Ramos, Natalya N. Degtyareva, Nicholas A. Kovacs, and 8 more authors
    Biochemistry, Oct 2017
    PMID: 28895721